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what do we mean by energy?

When we use the word 'energy', we are usually referring to the Eastern, subtle concept of energy. This concept of subtle energy flows is found in Feng-Shui, in Anthroposophical and Ayurvedic medicine, in homoeopathy and in vibrational healing as a whole. This subtle concept of energy is qualitative rather than quantitative. Some of the words used to describe different types of subtle energy are 'prana' and 'chi'. There are in turn different types of 'chi' which may be positive, neutral or negative in their effect.


By contrast, the word 'energy' is elsewhere commonly used in the context of its understanding based on Western science. Here, energy is a quantitative concept. Energy is the ability to do work and can be measured in Joules or Kilojoules. There are precise laws governing energy in this context, including the laws of thermodynamics.


It can be a culture shock for us initially when we move from Western to Eastern concepts of energy. However, they are not mutually exclusive concepts of energy and can be true simultaneously. They are concepts which have grown out of and been profoundly shaped by two markedly different streams of philosophy, science and culture.


If we can move between these two concepts of energy, we can maximize the value we gain from each paradigm.




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