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the seven chakras - centres of our subtle energy system

In esoteric anatomy, it is believed from ancient wisdom and from modern research that the body has seven major energy centres or chakras. The word 'chakra' is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word for 'wheel'. To the supersensitive person who is in touch with subtle energy visually, chakras are said to look like revolving circles of light and colour. It is believed that via the chakras, subtle energy is absorbed from the environment and distributed to support the energy infrastructure of the body via the meridians or energy lines.

Broadly speaking, a chakra can be balanced, underactive or overactive. Much of our attention in vibrational medicine is around understanding the state of the chakras and how to bring them into a state of balance.


We have found in our experience that the OriginalAA Snow Modified Australian Flower Essences are excellent for Chakra Balancing. To comprehend more about how these gentle but powerful essences balance and support the various chakras see the OrginalAA Snow Modified Australian Flower Essence section.


Click Chakras A Brief Introduction to discover the unque qualities and area's of influence of each major chakra.



For an excellent, detailed discussion of the chakras and their relationship to inner growth and transformation as well as physical problems, see Richard Gerber MD 'Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century', Piatkus, 2001, pages 11 to 82. 


seven major chakras



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