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the Dr. Edward Bach process

Dr. Edward Bach Dr. Edward Bach is remembered for his invention of the Bach flower remedies, 38 in all. These are now used, known and loved throughout the world. Moreover, many flower essences from different countries have enlarged the repertoires of flower essences available.


However, the legacy of Dr. Bach is perhaps little understood. Of even greater value than the Bach flower remedies is the Bach process by means of which he arrived at the flower remedies. The Bach flowers may be more or less applicable to the needs of a society at a particular time, but the Bach process is always applicable.


What is the Bach process? It is evidenced in the series of steps which led Dr. Bach to his beloved flower remedies.


1. Learn all you can about healing and therapies and then forget it all in order to be able to intuit and perceive afresh.


2. Observe acutely the society of which you are a part, its needs, its aspirations, its emotions, the ways in which it connects with and fails to connect with its own essence or being.


3. Go out into nature allowing and expecting nature to speak of the appropriate type of essence for the society in which you live.


4. Experience the new essences directly via your own being. Know the new essences as living personalities from your own experience.


5. Test these new essences, over and over, on persons who seek your help in their healing process, to form a picture of their action.


Holding on to the Bach Flower Remedies without engaging the Bach process results in a clinging on to old and possibly outmoded ways. More


Dr Edward Bach



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