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the 'golden rule' in essence therapy

We at Advanced Alchemy believe that there is one fundamental overriding principle in all essence thinking and prescription.


The ‘Golden Rule’ in essence therapy is that in order to strike gold we must first select the appropriate essence family to match the problem or issue at hand.


Each Essence Family has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. We must therefore take care to select the essence family most appropriate to the client’s needs.

Such is the power and flexibility of essences that even a poorly selected Essence Family will often have some effect on the issue at hand. However, that effect will be much less and generally will lack the lasting quality of permanent change which the appropriate essence family would bring. Moreover, a poorly selected

Essence Family can at times compound the problem rather than assisting in its resolution.

In the section The Primary Needs Chart, we look at the different needs that a person presents- such as the need to release and let go, the need for strengthening, or the need for emotional awareness. We then select an
Essence Family strong in meeting this particular need. When we get the right Essence Family, success is virtually guaranteed. For example, if the need is to release and let go, the OriginalAA Lambert Falling Leaf Essence Family will generally outperform other Essence Families by a wide margin. If the need is energetic protection, we are best advised to look at either the OriginalAA Tree Bark Essences or the Shell Essences. If the need is greater emotional awareness, the Flower Essence Family comes into strong consideration.

The second level of choice is the particular essence(s) selected from within the chosen family. For example, if we are looking within the Dr Bach flower remedies, we have 38 remedies to choose from. If we are looking at the OriginalAA Lambert Falling Leaf Essence family, we have 160 essences to select from, or 30 from the OriginalAA Tree Bark Essences. While choosing within the Essence Family is not to be neglected, the decision which more profoundly influences the quality and durability of the outcome of the essence prescription is undoubtedly the selection of the appropriate Essence Family in the first place.

In his practice, Dr. Lambert has routinely found essence-based solutions to difficult problems and issues which have confounded other therapists. He attributes these remarkable successes primarily to the Golden Rule in essence therapy- get the right Essence Family for the person and the results will generally take care of themselves!

the golden rule in essence therapy


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