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levels of essence action


One way of looking at essences is to work out the depth at which they work. If we think of the human being as analogous to an ocean, with a surface layer, and then deeper layers going all the way to the ocean floor, we have a simple model.
Levels of Essence Action


These different layers or levels can be described using a few examples. Superficial levels of feeling such as 'It's a bright sunny day and I'm feeling great!' might correspond to levels 1 and/or 2. Anger at the boss's arrogance at work over the last few years might go deeper, say to level 4 to 6. Life events that trigger deeply buried childhood trauma might go to levels 8 to 10.

In these examples, the levels have been described in terms of emotions or feeling. Equally, the levels are applicable to the spiritual, mental, and even physical levels of being.

Let us look at some Essence families

The Bach Flower Remedies work at levels 1 to 4. This makes them ideal introductory essences which can address a wide range of superficial to moderate problems. The Alaskan Flower Essences are somewhat deeper acting, reaching levels 2 to 5.


The OriginalAA Lambert Falling Leaf Essences go deeper again, affecting levels 3 to 7. OriginalAA Tree Bark Essences show a similar pattern. Even deeper in action are the OriginalAA Root Essences, which address levels 5 to 10. The OriginalAA Flower - Agate Essences deal with levels 8 to 10. OriginalAA Seed Essences impact levels 6 to 8. Moving away from essences, vitamins and minerals in general affect levels 1 to 3.

An alternative approach is to use combination essences such as our sixteen OriginalAA Quality Essences which have a wide range of essence families discussed above within them to support inner growth. This means that they are able to act at the appropriate level, be that shallower or deeper, according to need.

Comfort Quality Essence - Wellbeing and general support


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