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the primary needs chart

Primary Needs Chart


All of us are born with a unique and special make up. Be that in our mental, physical, psychological or spiritual life. Some of us are great athletes but battle to add 2 and 2 together while others can form feats of mental gymnastics that leave most of us not understanding the question let alone the answer. And there are still others that can leap tall buildings in a single bound and seem to have life in the easy street. Yet all of us are born with strengths and weakness, and it is here that various essences can be of great support.


Through out our lives various parts of our being will need to be more supported then others. Often when we come under stress the same problems will occur time and time again, as they are the arenas in which we are the weakest. Yet in a lot of ways, by recognizing this they may be come our greatest strength as well. By using essences and other forms of health maintenance we can keep those areas strong and use the knowledge of ourselves to use our strengths to our best advantage. Failing to do this will often result in not only our weakest areas suffering but burning out our strengths as well.

The headings opposite link to descriptions of the key primary needs of people depending on their own make up.

Some of us are like birds and find it easy to fly off in flights of fantasy but have trouble grounding those ideas in the real world and tend to be drama queens. Others have trouble letting go of the past and tend to hang on to everything and hence have trouble moving onto the next area of life, even if it is where they want to go.

Study the charts and various subjects above. It will become clear on reflection what areas you will be most vulnerable in and where your greatest opportunities lie for a great life. Under each heading you will find the best Essence Families to cater for your individual needs. If you still remain unclear send us an email.

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What is your Primary Need?

i Strengthen

i Rebalance

i Release and Let Go

i Resolve Blockage

i Find Creative Expression

i Ground

i Awaken Potential

i Protect

i Develop Spiritual Awareness

i Detach

i Find Emotional Awareness



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