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bach flower remedy/falling leaf essence correspondences

When we seek to understand the OriginalAA Falling Leaf Essences, we are taking a step into the unknown. By contrast, we know flower essences much better, and have familiarized ourselves at some point with the Bach Flower Remedies. These time-honoured flower remedies are used and loved by both practitioners and lay persons alike all around the globe.

Bach Flower Remedies and the OriginalAA Falling Leaf Essences are related. In fact, we can line them up in matching pairs. In other words, there is an OriginalAA Falling Leaf Essence which will complement and extend the action of a particular Bach Flower Remedy. Often, it is a good idea to follow the Bach Flower Remedy with this matching the OriginalAA Falling Leaf Essence to deepen and render more permanent the change initiated by the Bach Flower Remedy. Alternatively, we can use the concept of matching pairs to take us from the familiar Bach Flower Remedies to the less familiar Lambert Falling Leaf Essences.

When we use an essence it is often important to reflect on more than just the appearance of an emotional response. Sometimes the cause of the disturbance is found at a much deeper level. Hence the need for an essence family which can reach this level. The matching Lambert Falling Leaf Essence is most useful when the effects of the Bach Flower Remedy are either incomplete or seem to be more temporary in nature.

For a more detailed discussion please see - Levels of Essence Action.

Practitioners seeking a detailed discussion of the matching Bach and Falling Leaf Essence Families, please see our Practitioner Section.

bach flower falling leaf

Falling Leaf Essence - Claret Ash


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