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 Tree Bark Essences            
 - Protect and Establish Boundaries


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Brown Bark Essences - Wellbeing protection

 Tree Bark Essences an Overview.

Every part of nature including ourselves is unique and special. Each part has qualities which can help the wellbeing, balance and integration of other parts of the world. We recognize trees partly by their bark and its patterns. The bark has a characteristic appearance and feel. The bark is the outer, protective layer of the tree and this gives valuable clues as to its action as an essence through understanding the Doctrine of Signatures.

OriginalAA Tree Bark Essences are made by floating bark on spring water in the shade for several hours, rocking the container gently from time to time. The resulting spring water is used as the mother strength OriginalAA Tree Bark Essence. From this point, each essence undergoes rigorous testing over many years before being released to the public.

If you would like a greater understanding about how to use these essences and others to support or facilitate growth in your life, and those you care about, you may like to consider becoming what we call a Home Practitioner.

You will enjoy further information on OriginalAA Tree Bark and other essences in our Practitioner Section.

You will understand the action of OriginalAA Tree Bark Essences in terms of the layers of the human aura and the Laws of Thermodynamics

Access more than thirty OriginalAA Tree Bark essences  and enjoy a revealing comparison of the OriginalAA Tree Bark and Dr. Bach's flower remedies.


 Tree Bark Essences            
 Protect and Establish Boundaries
Energetically protective
Useful for working on relationship issues

The Six Most Popular

iTb 1 Silver Birch - Relationships

iTb 2 Mountain Ash - Finding

iTb 3 Tulip Tree - Radiant
    Wellbeing and Abundance

iTb 4 Golden Elm - Keeping

iTb 5 Scarlet Oak - Protection 
from Environmental Radiation

iTb 6 Pin Oak  - Protection 
against bad news


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