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Snow-Modified Australian Flower Essences - to gently re-balance, chakras, meridians - your life

iEffect on the Chakras


iSnow and the Essences

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Single Snow Flake

Dr. Lambert had for many years used homoeopathic remedies with the very young and very old, with generally good results. However, one concern was the fact that occasionally homeopathic remedies cause an aggravation, or temporary worsening of symptoms.

This is especially a concern in the very young, including babies, and the older or hypersensitive person, who do not have reserves or resources to cope with this worsening. Of course, the skilled homeopath seeks to minimise this tendency by selecting appropriate dosage and potency, but it remains a concern.

Dr. Lambert was looking for a Family of Essences that would be very, very gentle, supportive but without aggravation tendency of homeopathy. He had a vision of rows of flower essences sitting in the snow, and the term 'Snow-Modified Australian Flower Essence' came to him.

It would appear to be no accident that abbreviated, this essence family is S.A.F.E.

How They are Made

OriginalAA Snow-Modified Australian Flower Essences are created by first making a flower essence in the traditional manner. Then appropriate flower essence bottles are placed in the snow for several hours.

While in the snow, the flower essence goes through a remarkable'death' process, or transformation. This is an amazing process to witness. The flower essence loses its usual emotional and spiritual qualities and action through the extreme cold exposure in the snow. Through the profound death process in the snow, it emerges with its action addressed to rebalancing energy in the human system.

These are essences of homeostasis or balance. Thus, flower essences and snow-modified flower essences are very different in their nature and action.    

Snow-Modified Australian Flower Essences
To gently re-balance, chakras, meridians - your life
For overall energy balancing
Smooths the bumps during times of change

CHAKRA Snow-Modified Australian Flower Essence Combination

iSFC-7 Crown
   Happy Wanderer
   Coral Pea 

iSFC-6 Brow
   Hairy Guinea Flower 
   Yellow Buttons 

iSFC-5 Throat
   Pink Perfection

iSFC-4 Heart 
   Native Violet
   Sticky Boronia

iSFC-3 Solar Plexus 
   Bower of Beauty
   Saw Banksia

iSFC-2 Sacral  
   Gosford Wattle
   Forest Boronia

iSFC-1 Base   
   Royal Bluebell
   Phelabium squamulosum



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