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Seed Essence

Seed Essences            
 - To bring forth creative potential
 - creative expression on many different levels
- helps germinate new & exciting ideas

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Seed Pods bring creative essence & wellbeing

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to do next in life? Have you been in a situation in which old things are falling away, but nothing new has yet come in to replace them? When this happens, you may be left with silence and stillness. What do you do? Do you rush out and make things happen, even though you don't know what to make happen and the entire effort seems forced and unnatural? Or do you just sit, wait and trust that something will materialize?

It is in these difficult times when nothing seems to be happening and it's hard to see a way forward that OriginalAA Seed Essences excel. At a deep level, OriginalAA Seed Essences energise new directions and new creativity in our life experience. OriginalAA Seed Essences help us germinate new things in our existence even when we know not what these things will be.

OriginalAA Seed Essences have enormous stored energy - far more than any other essence family. Consider the fact that a great tree originates in one tiny seed that you can hold in the palm of your hand! OriginalAA Seed Essences sit in the Winter season of the plant cycle, followed by the explosive germination and growth of Spring.

As we progress through the seasons of our lives, new ideas and opportunities present themselves to invite us to expand into our full potential - sometimes we come up against a resistance or don't know how to proceed with a creative project, idea or opportunity. OriginalAA Seed essences redirect inward-focused energy, allowing it to burst forth as outer expression.

OriginalAA Seed Essences can be used throughout the creative process - from feeling you have no creativity to when, as an experienced creative person, you are looking for more creativity or new directions. OriginalAA Seed Essences can re-ignite the passion and creativity that we all seek at some time in our lives.

A tip with OriginalAA Seed Essences in general - patience!

Although OriginalAA Seed Essences sometimes work very quickly, they can also be deep and seemingly slower in their action. Just as the seed takes time to germinate into a new shoot, breaking through the surface of the soil, so can our creativity. Patience can be a virtue!

Although you may only take the OriginalAA Seed Essence for a few days to a few weeks (we prefer the latter), it can have a continued action for weeks or even several months after you finish it. We invite you to observe and enjoy the unfolding process of germinating new things in your life! 

Seed Essences            
  To bring forth creative potential
  Creative expression on many different levels
elps germinate new & exciting ideas

 The Six Most Popular Essences

iSD 2 - Turkey Oak
   - Hidden Creative Potential

iSD 3 - Chinese Tallow Tree
   - For Those Lacking Creativity

iSD 4 - Weeping Willow 
   - Childhood Creativity and

iSD 13 - Weeping Katsura Tree
   - Fearless Creativity

iSD 15 - Yellow Flowering
   - Grounding Creativity

iSD 17 -Glory Vine 
   - New Creative Level



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