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Summer Leaf Essence

Summer Leaf Essences            
- For emotional strengthening
- allows for an easier transistion through emotional intensities
- for recovery from difficult life issues  

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Mass Summer Leaves

OriginalAA Summer Leaf Essences are distilled from green leaves in their prime without buds or flowers. The green leaf has the remarkable ability to derive energy from sunlight through photosynthesis. In a similar way, OriginalAA Summer Leaf Essences allow us to draw light into our emotional experience, expanding our energy.

OriginalAA Summer Leaf Essences strengthen our inner emotional selves. Other remedies alleviate simple physical tiredness and exhaustion. However, for exhaustion or weakness that goes beyond the physical, into the emotional and inner realms, the OriginalAA Summer Leaf Essences are excellent.

OriginalAA Summer Leaf Essences also apply when you feel restricted or hemmed in because you are unwilling or unable to deal with a particular emotion or its underlying set of circumstances. OriginalAA Summer Leaf Essences can bestow the grace and strength for you to move forward.

How to choose a Summer Leaf Essence.

A very simple way to select an appropriate Summer Leaf Essence is to complete this sentence and then check the appropriate essence is description:

'In order to feel greater strength and assurance within myself, I need more...'

Love,  Patience,  Hope,  Perseverance,  Joy, or Faith.

Once you have decided what is the answer for you right now click on your answer to take you to your desired essence(s).

Those who are able to enter the Practitioner Section will find a more detailed and comprehensive explanation of the OriginalAA Summer Leaf Essences and a listing of thirty-eight essences. 

Summer Leaf Essences            
For emotional strengthening
 Allows for an easier transistion through emotional intensities 
            For recovery from difficult life issues

 The Six Most Popular Essences

iSLE 1 Full Moon Maple 
    - Love

SLE 2 Port Wine Magnolia 
    - Patience

iSLE 3 Flowering Ash 
   - Hope

iSLE 4 White Flowering 
   Dogwood -Perseverance

iSLE 5 Golden Italian Poplar 
   - Joy

SLE 6 Red Oak 
   - Faith



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