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Gem Elixir

Gem Elixir Essences                  
- for grounding  
- helps people to be more real about life 
- assists mental focus

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Blue Diamond

Vibrational remedies made from gemstones have several beneficial qualities. They have an energizing effect on the meridians or nadis energy channels of our subtle energetic system. They also act strongly on the mental plane in helping our way of thinking to change. Moreover, they are superb essences in assisting and enabling the integration of change initiated by other types of essences.

They do this by virtue of their ability to ground the change which other essences initiate. As in our physical life stone or rock in many of its forms is used as a strong foundation for our homes and buildings, hence Gem Elixirs form a strong basis for spiritual and emotional growth.

Gem Elixirs are often included in our Combination Essences as they assist the integration of the essence into the energy system of the person. You will notice many of our Quality Range of Essences in Liquid or Cream states include a Gem Elixirs as a key ingredient.

Yet Gem Elixirs when taken on their own for a specific purpose can be a powerful force to enhance our lives.

OriginalAA Gem Elixirs can be taken in two basic ways-

1. When a Gem Elixir is taken to assist and enable integration of change initiated by other essence families such as OriginalAA Summer Leaf or OriginalAA Tree Bark etc, only the low dosage of one drop twice daily is needed. In that case, the Gem Elixir has little if any independent action of its own, however, it will benefit the action of the other essence.

2. However when a Gem Elixir is taken for its own action, a dosage of five drops twice daily is recommended.

Information for Practitioners and Home Practitioners.

For Practitioners we have another 20 essences available and for further information please see our Practitioner Section of this site. 

And if you are not a practitioner and you would like to learn more about this area of essences and how to integrate them into your life and family, exploring our Home Practitioner course might be a good suggestion.

Gem Elixir Essences                  
For grounding  
Helps people to be more real about life 
Assists mental focus

  The Six Most Popular Essences

iGM1 Gold - Confidence in Self

iGM2 Obsidian - Integration of thoughts and emotions

iGM3 Amber - Lateral thinking

iGM4 Bloodstone- Reflective Thinking

iGM5 Quartz (clear) - Analytical Thinking

iGM6 Agate- Integrating thought and spirituality



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