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 Root Essences            
- Build firm foundations & deep transformative power 


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iRoot Essences and Ancient
   Approaches to Healing


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Introduction To OriginalAA Root Essences

The OriginalAA Root Essence family are some of Advanced Alchemy’s most powerful and potential life changing essences. Over the last decade we have developed over thirty unique OriginalAA Root Essences, most of which require experienced practitioners to work with.

“Root Essences” go right to the core of our being to effect growth, energy rebalancing, and change. They reach the very root of the issue involved. They will often complete a transformation begun by another type of essence. They can help access new “nutrients” and bring fresh life and vitality to the specific area in question.  

Because “Root Essences” are so powerful we often combine them with other essences to buffer their effects, to support the person through the process of change which the OriginalAA Root Essences initiate. This is particularly the case with essences that are available to the general public, for example our  Quality Essences  and Quality Creams.

There are two individual “Root Essences” that we have made available for general release. They have been time tested and have effected life changing results in their respective areas. They are ‘Italian Lavender’ and ‘Happy Wanderer’.      

 Root Essences            
Build firm foundations & deep transformative power 

Getting to the core imbalance

  The Most Popular

iRT 12 - Italian Lavender
   Awareness around weight issues

iRT 13 - Happy Wanderer
   Inner Peace through releasing
    deeply held fears and insecurities.



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