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Algal Essences            
- Strength to revisit difficult situations & people
   - brings gifts of endurance, strength & the ability to prevail

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Algae play a vital role in the world’s ecosystems. At times, vast blooms of algae occur on the sea or in lakes. Algae form a food source for myriad creatures of both land and sea. Algae photosynthesize, obtaining energy from sunlight. They range from the simple unicellular blue-green algae to the more complex blue-green algae which form chains and branched structures. Some of these filamentous blue-green algae have specialized cells called heterocysts which fix nitrogen from the atmosphere. Even more complex are the green algae such as Chlorella.

Algae such as Chlorella and Spirulina are often used in the modern era as supplements for their nutrients and health-enhancing properties.

Please note that the action of an essence prepared from these organisms is VERY different from the action of the alga consumed in physical form.

In preparing the essence, we separate the subtle life-force energy of the alga from the physical form. The essence thereby obtained has a far more subtle action than the physical form of the alga. In fact, if you want to get the maximal benefit from the essence, it is best not to take the physical form at the same time.  

Algal Essences            
Strength to revisit difficult situations & people 


 The Most Popular Essences

iAL 1 Chlorella
   - Grants the strength to revisit
       difficult situations 

iAL 2 Spirulina
   - Grants the strength to revisit
       difficult people

iAL 3 Chlorella + Spirulina
   - for when the difficult person and  
      the difficult situation are
      inextricably interlinked.


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