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Great Trees of The World


Great Trees of the World Essences
Deep harmony & connection with Nature
- brings peace & endurance
- helps one know their reality & dissolves illusion  
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This section is dedicated to Great Trees of the World. Trees which, by their age, their position, their personality, and their accumulated wisdom, have developed a unique essence quite distinct from that of their kind.

These ancient trees often inspire awe in those who take time to view them. However, often tourists flock to these trees, taking a quick photo and moving on, without stopping to really take in the majesty of the tree, to allow subtle communication to occur, to partake of a timeless wisdom. These great trees speak most clearly in silence and in contemplation.

When you do take time to sit in communion with one of these unique giants, you feel an immense presence and can often have a sense of being overcome by the benevolence and wisdom that the Great Tree seeks to impart to you. These great trees link us profoundly with the earth, with our roots, our ancestry. They remind us of the legacy of the past and our strong links to the world of plants and trees. They take us back to a time when there was a greater sense of reverence of nature, to tribal, indigenous peoples who lived in profound connection to nature and its cycles.

These ancient trees depend on the forests or trees around them to provide the right environment for their continued life. Many of these forests are under severe pressure from logging operations or deforestation to generate agricultural land.

The essences taken from these trees, hundreds or even thousands of years old as they are, are very deep-acting and produce lasting, foundational changes in our lives.

On the Levels of Essence Action diagram, these great trees often have an action from levels 5 right through to 10.

As time progresses, many more great trees will join the initial list of six essences, collected from all parts of the globe.  

Great Trees of the World Essences
Deep harmony & connection with Nature
Brings peace & endurance
Helps one know their reality & dissolves illusion  

 The Great Trees Essences

iGT 1 Tane Mahuta Tree Bark
     The Strength to Keep on Standing

iGT 2 Matua Ngahere “Father
    of the Forest”- Falling
    Leaf Essence 

     Resolving Illusions and Seeing Reality

iGT 3 Tane Mahuta Falling
    Leaf Essence 

     Sacred Sexuality

iGT 4 The Four Sisters Tree Bark
     Group Unity and Harmony

iGT 5 The Ada Tree- Tree Bark
     Enduring Inner Peace

iGT 6 The Ada Tree- Falling
    Leaf Essence 

     Soothing Deep Emotional Pain



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