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how are they made?

The Quality Essences arenít just combinations of simple essences thrown together in a bottle. Each Quality Essence is carefully crafted based on almost two decades of experience in making such essences. Each Quality Essence has a foundation essence to which other essences are added in timely fashion according to a specified procedure. The order and timing of addition of different essence ingredients makes a significant difference to the final Quality Essence. Even steps such as stirring the solution or exposing the solution to rays of sun or moon, or steps of heating or cooling, markedly affect the resulting essence. Each Quality Essence has its own recipe or protocol used in its manufacture. It is then checked for its performance characteristics based on our Quality Control  procedures.

The Procedure for the Quality Essence Strength


1. We begin with 500 ml of the Gem Elixir Obsidian.

2. We add thirty drops of the Gem Elixir Bloodstone and thirty minutes later, thirty drops of the Gem Elixir Amber.

3. The solution is stirred in an anticlockwise direction for fifty revolutions.

4. Seventy-five drops of the Summer Leaf Essence Fraxinus ornus is added. The solution is stirred in an anticlockwise direction for fifty revolutions.

5. Forty drops of the OriginalAA Lambert Falling Leaf Essence Viburnum sieboldii is added. The solution is left for twentyfour hours. The solution is then stirred in an anticlockwise direction for fifty revolutions.

6. Fifteen drops of the OriginalAA Shoot Essence Liriodendron tulipifera is added. The solution is then stirred in an anticlockwise direction for fifty revolutions.

7. The resulting solution is then stored until it is left out overnight under a quarter phase of the moon on a fairly clear night.

8. The Strength Essence stock is now complete.

How do we develop these procedures for making essences? Partly, from our understanding of the Different Essence Families developed over many years. Partly, from our knowledge of scientific procedure and protocol. Partly, from an intuition of what is required. In some respects, crafting a Quality Essence isnít too much different from composing classical music. It takes a sense of timing and tempo. Complex Essences, like music, are a series of subtle vibrations akin to notes.








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