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There are currently sixteen essences in the Quality Essence range. As we look at these essences or view their pictures, some of them will appeal to us innately. Perhaps it is the colour of the label, the particular word or words used, perhaps a combination of both.

Before the mind is engaged in the process, there is often an intuitive sense of the appropriate essence, or perhaps even two essences from the range will stand out. Then there comes the second stage where the mind is engaged, considering the different essence titles, their meanings, and the possible relevance of that particular Quality Essence to us.

However, our mind is also the seat of our ego self,that part of us that resists or seeks to control change. The mind may select an essence which is peripheral to our soulís need, rather than that which is truly best for us. The mind may select an essence out of its need for safety, out of its resistance to the change that really is needed.

Over the years we have come to this conclusion observing hundreds of people go through the Quality Essence selection process.

The first, intuitive selection of an essence before the mind has gone to work on the task is usually the best and most authentic selection for the person.

This is also how we have designed the range; for ease of self-selection rather than requiring a ponderous mental process to arrive at the appropriate essence.







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