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The Trademark and its Origins


iThe Trademark and it's Origins

iThe Equality of Reason and Intuition 

iEssences as Science & Art
iThe Importance of Sun and Moon  



iThe Four-fold Cycles of Nature 

iRelationship of Essence & Form
iThe Effect of Essences on Lifestyle 
iThe Definition of Essences

Our trademark hearkens back to the time when there existed a unified field of knowledge. In ancient Hermetic philosophy, the interrelationship of all things was stressed. In modern thought, different disciplines tend to be separated from each other in an artificial way. Alchemy, the art of transformation, is closely related to geometry, as it is to classical music. In particular, alchemy is related closely to that branch of geometry which saw that mathematics and patterns of form underpin the visible universe- sacred geometry.

Inherent in the trademark are seven levels of understanding:

1.  The Equality of Reason and Intuition

2. Essences as Science and Essences as Art

3. The Importance of Sun and Moon

4. The Four-fold Cycles of Nature 

5. The Relationship between Essence and Form 

6. The Effect of Essences on Lifestyle 

7. The Definition of Essences

We tend to think of alchemy only in terms of potions in bottles. The Advanced Alchemy trademark reminds us that the vibrations of transformation inherent in essences can also be represented geometrically, or for that matter by other means such as music.

There is much more to the symbols in the trademark than we have begun to explore together here. We hope you will enjoy this symbolism as you enjoy your unfolding experience of the essence!             






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