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The Equality of Reason and Intuition


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iThe Equality of Reason and Intuition 
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Consider that the rectangle on the left side represents logical, rational thinking and knowledge, characteristic of science, mathematics and law. When we are in this mode, we are thinking ‘inside the square’. Consider that the ellipse on the right side represents intuition, feeling and spirituality.

In our modern Western world, logical, rational thinking and knowledge have been held up as being superior to intuition and spirituality. In Advanced Alchemy, we equally respect intuition and thinking, holding neither to be superior to the other. Hence, the equal sign between the triangle and the ellipse. Rather, we believe that an approach to essences which disregards or downgrades either thinking or intuition is bound to be severely limited.

For example, our first appreciation of an essence and what it will do tends to be intuitive, derived from a spiritual openness. However, if we ended there, the process would be entirely unsatisfactory. We then follow up that initial intuition with years of patient scientific testing to see whether that intuition stands up to repeated scrutiny, not only in our hands, but in other experienced hands as well. We are not rejecting the intuitive perception. Rather, we are recognizing that even the most intuitive or psychic person will occasionally be in error, so we test that insight using the scientific method. The rational and the intuitive stand together in harmony. 




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