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Western science deals primarily with the phenomenon of form. It deals with the electrons, protons and neutrons, it deals with atoms and molecules. It deals with objects. The concept of essences is more subtle, suggesting that every form in the physical universe has a subtle energy or essence associated with it, unique to that particular form.

If we take the rectangle on the left to represent an object in the physical universe, the equal sign indicates that this form is intimately connected to a subtle energy or essence, shown on the right as the ellipse. In a sense, the study of alchemy is the study of the relationship between essence and form. In particular we are interested in exploring conditions in which the link between essence and form is severed, so that we have essence without form.

When the essence is associated with its natural physical form, as represented by the symbol, the energy of the essence is working to maintain the physical form. However, when we free some of the essence from its bond with the physical form, it then becomes more fully available to do other healing work. It was Samuel Hahnemann, the pioneer of homoeopathy, who first recognized that the healing powers of an essence could be greatly increased by separating it from the physical form with which it is associated in nature.



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