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iThe Effect of Essences on Lifestyle 
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It is a common experience of people beginning their journey with essences to find that life begins to change for the better in many ways. Whereas previously they felt contained, as if they were in a box, somewhat imprisoned by emotions and conditioning which they were mostly aware of, needing to control existence in various ways, life now becomes more flowing and spontaneous. The old life is represented by the rectangle on the left, which is a bit like a prison with rough, defined corners and boundaries. The ellipse on the right represents the new life, more fluid, expansive, unbounded and curvaceous.

The experience of coming ‘out of the box’ and finding a new, more spontaneous way of living and being is very common among persons who take essences over a period of time. Of course, this experience is not unique to essences- many persons of many cultures have journeyed this awakening and unfolding helped by whatever tools their culture presented.

Please see our article on The Wheel of Wellbeing.             



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