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iThe Definition of Essences 


The rectangle on the left here represents the world of form, of substance. The ellipse on the right represents the world of invisible energies or essences. The rectangle on the left is precisely defined- it has boundaries, length and breadth. This is a reminder that in making essences, it is extremely important to define accurately the substance or form from which the essence is derived.

We at Advanced Alchemy take painstaking care in the definition of plants and parts thereof, engaging the help of professional botanists and taxonomists to ensure that the physical form of the plant has been adequately described. By seeking where possible to satisfy the requirements of modern science, we believe we are laying a solid foundation for the future.

Here, we regard science and the entire system of plant taxonomy as friend rather than foe. We value the scientific method and the notion that our work should be presented in sufficient detail to be reproducible by others. If you want essences that are made with a puff of smoke and in a cauldron into which unspecified ingredients are mixed on the whim of the moment, we are not your required destination!

Please see Our Research Standards for more information.


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