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We make every effort to deliver to you the highest quality essences we are able. This process begins by making essences from quality plants and giving the required quality of attention to each stage of the essence-making process.

But how do we know, having made the essence, that it has the appropriate type of activity, that it is fully active and that it has the necessary stamina or shelf-life? We have drawn extensively on the skills of one of our founders, who has twelve years experience in scientific laboratory research standards to a PhD level relevant to this area.


First, we exercise our intuition and perception. How does the essence feel? Sometimes, we will apply a few drops to our wrist, or take the essence orally. A good essence, Like a good wine, has a certain taste or feel which an experienced person can detect and assess. This is a qualitative and somewhat subjective assessment, which is nonetheless valuable. In the case of expiry dates, we have a good idea from over a decade of experience how long different essence families actually last.


Second, we take a sample from each batch of essence manufactured and assess it bioelectronically. Using the latest Vega technology, we are able to quantitatively check and verify the key performance indicators of the essence:

    * essence type

    * essence purity

    * essence activity

    * essence stamina

Without going into detail, each aspect of essence quality can be quantitated by noting the deflection of the needle on the scale under appropriate testing conditions. We are inclined to the view that although the essences are derived from nature, our stance towards technology ought not to be mindlessly antagonistic. Rather, when technology enables us to be more confident in the quality, purity and durability of our product, we believe it is of great value.


Third, we are constantly in touch with feedback from practitioners and clients globally. This not only contributes to our ongoing essence research, but also gives us feedback on our quality control processes on an ongoing basis. We at Advanced Alchemy take pride in our quality standards, which ensure that we bring you the very best!

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