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the complete sixteen essences - the first eight

The consciousness of plenty and an ease with life are encouraged by the essence Abundance.

This essence helps a person define their personal space and Boundaries. Effective boundaries helps one decide one's priorities and use of time without being overcome by  pressures and expectations from other people.

This essence assists when a person is experiencing disquieting mental or emotional intensity. It allows a sense of Calm to manifest. Place 3 drops on the wrist, every five to ten minutes in an acute situation.

Comfort is recommended for bereavement and for other losses that occur in life including loss of relationship, loss of employment, and loss of a pet. It helps with adjustment and the stages of the grieving process.

When one is faced with huge change or is forced to let go of the familiar without anything to replace it, fear of the unknown arises. Courage helps with the fear of the known and the unknown.

The essence Femininity promotes spirituality and a sense of emotional and creative fulfilment in women or men. It balances the strength and grace inherent in the feminine principle.

Focus helps fulfil one's potential in mastering new information, this essence seeks to keep the brain active, alert, and focused. Helps one to "think outside the square."

This essence is for those who have had a hard time and the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be switched off. It helps movement to a state of renewed Hope which springs eternal from the human heart.


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