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flower essences and the 21st century
- a note from Dr. Lambert

Society has changed so vastly on every level since the time of Dr. Bach that it would indeed be a strange coincidence if Flower Remedies were most frequently the appropriate solution today as well as in Bach's time. Yet, the overwhelming balance of opinion in the essence world appears to be that flower essences are the most vital essence type for the times in which we live. But this view appears to have arisen not from applying the Bach process but a clinging on to the flower essence concept.


The application of the Bach process in my own experience as described in the book Falling Leaf Essences has led to the development of a number of New Essence Families.


In my own experience of essence prescription over the last five years, the most important essence families have been, firstly, OriginalAA Lambert Falling Leaf Essences, secondly, Tree Bark Essences, thirdly, Summer Leaf Essences, fourthly, Root Essences, fifthly, Seed Essences, and sixthly, Flower Essences. That is, several essence families have been much more relevant to the needs of my clients than Flower Essences.


It is possible that the changing need for Different Essence Families operates in cycles over longer periods of time.


Dr. Bach claimed that the remedies he had developed were effective in the society in which he lived. He did not claim that they would work equally well, or be the best type of essence, for other times and places. But he did leave a wonderful legacy in outlining the Bach process by which the appropriate essences could be ascertained.

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