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which essences suit each subtle body

For general purpose strengthening and balancing of the subtle bodies, these are the best essence families to use:

* OriginalAA Tree Bark or Shell Essences
* OriginalAA Root Essences
* Homoeopathy

However each subtle body has an essence family(s) that is particularly suitable to its unique energy qualities. (The Essence Families below which have no links provided are practitioner only essences.)



subtle bodies

   Physical body

   * OriginalAA Root Essences
   * OriginalAA Summer Leaf Essences
   * Homoeopathy

   Astral body

   * OriginalAA Lambert Falling Leaf Essences
   * OriginalAA Shoot Essences
   * Flower Essences

   Spiritual or Causal body

   * OriginalAA Seed Essences
   * OriginalAA Tree Bark Essences
   * Aura-Soma

Etheric body

OriginalAA Aquatic Plant 

OriginalAA Summer Leaf
* Homoeopathy

Mental body

* OriginalAA Tree Bark or Shell 
OriginalAA Root Essences
OriginalAA Aquatic Plant 

In the Practitioner Section, we will develop a more detailed understanding of essences and the subtle bodies.


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