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Autumn Leaves - Releasing and Letting Go

 Falling Leaf Essences - Cycles of Nature & Essence Therapy

Fundamental to the world of essences is the observation and use of the cycles inherent in nature. For example, each of the four seasons has its own kind of energy, or vibration. Spring has a great energy of new growth, or construction. Summer has the energy of full bloom and the final realization of the creative potential inherent in the four seasons. Autumn is the season of deterioration, of profound release and letting go. Winter is the season of cold and stillness, where there is little outer energy of transformation.

Each of these four types of energy is equally useful in essence therapy, however, we live in a culture obsessed by the season of summer. Thus, flower essences taken from the summer season in the plant cycle have become the main and often only seasonal essence type used.

Some vibrational therapists give their clients flower essence after flower essence, in a desperate but futile bid to maintain the summer season of high energy and full bloom in the lives of their clients.

However, humans also go through creative cycles, and after their full bloom, there is the need for a period of release and letting go.

OriginalAA Lambert Falling Leaf Essences are the primary essence type of autumn and a falling leaf prescription most naturally follows a flower essence prescription in the cycle of the seasons. See our article on  Dr. Bach vs Falling Leaf Essences to see how to integrate this two great essence tradtions.

"The act of release and letting go is only the first phase of action of OriginalAA Lambert Falling Leaf essences, because in so doing, new space is made available within us."  

 Falling Leaf Essences 
Release and let go
Allows one to surrender to the unknown
Activates changes in one's life - cleanses & detoxifies

The Six Most Popular

iFLE 1 Claret Ash - Emotional
    spring clean-inner peace and clarity

iFLE 16 Oriental Plane -
    Release fear of change-gracefully
    flowing forward

iFLE 17 Weeping Katsura
   Release fear of love- embrace life
    and love

iFLE 19 Yellow Flowering
   Currant - Self-esteem- sustained
    positive thoughts and actions

iFLE 31 Silver Birch - Release
   Struggle- abundance and flow

iFLE 40 Chinese Trumpet
   Vine - Release fear of the



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