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 wheel of wellbeing & essences

Why are Essences a vital spoke to the Wheel of Wellbeing?

Well, we know that essences are vibrational energy, so they directly supply energy to support abundant wellbeing. Essences are also effective catalysts of inner growth and change, facilitating these processes. The experience of many years with hundreds of people shows that people who have the eight spokes to their "wheel" active on an ongoing basis tend to have abundant, overflowing wellbeing. The more spokes we take out, the less abundant the wellbeing is. Take out essences or any other element and there is a big hole in the chart that nothing else fills in the same way.

It is the synergy of all the elements of the wheel that enable us to derive the most from all our lives.

Wheel of Wellbeing - Essences bring the magic extra

As with your diet, a wide range of foods is important, so with essences. It is important not to get stuck on one 'essence family', but to partake of the full seasonal cycle of nature essence families. For example, the OriginalAA Tree Bark, Seed, Root, Summer Leaf, Falling Leaf, Snow-Modified Australian Flower, Gem Elixirs and other Essence Families in balance.


Our 16 Quality Essences are designed to help support your abundant wellbeing.

Although different Quality Essences are applicable to us at different times, Strength, Support or Hope are especially effective in stimulating abundant wellbeing on an ongoing basis.

Boundaries Essence - Wellbeing strengthened 



Quality Creams & Essences for Your Wheel of Wellbeing.

iWhich group is best for me?

Do you want a cream for the physical wellbeing of your skin?

How do the Quality creams work?

Why is the "OrigInalAA Tree Bark Essence Family" embedded in the creams?

What makes these essences and creams special?

How do I choose an essence cream?

Which is best for me - an essence in liquid form or cream?

How do I use these creams?



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