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The exciting journey of Advanced Alchemy began in when the autumn of 1994 I travelled to Bright in north-east Victoria. I had, without realizing it, embarked on an expansive quest to find vital new healing tools. As a practitioner the toolkit I had long used- homoeopathic remedies, flower essences, gem elixirs and nutritional supplements- was about to be revitalized by some stunning new additions! These new tools are needed to meet the changing needs of my clients and of the world on an ongoing basis as the new century unfolds.

Bright is famous for the many-coloured leaves of deciduous trees lining its streets in autumn. As I sat by the river at Bright, autumn leaves fell all around. Picking up a fallen leaf, I intuited the words releasing the past, letting go of the old. Beginning with falling leaves of some classic European trees such as Weeping Willow, Golden Elm, English Elm, Liquidamber and Pin Oak, the epic story of Advanced Alchemy had begun!

These magnificent essences of the autumn season illustrate the principle of the four seasons, the basic cycle of nature which is at the heart of natural medicine. We journeyed on to explore essences from the four seasons as well as new essence families that represent different parts of the anatomy of the plant including tree bark, leaf and root.

Advanced Alchemy begins with the Doctrine of Signatures and with a fine intuitive sense of what an essence family will do. Based on my years of training in biochemical science, we then rigorously and carefully test the essences for many years before making them available. So we can be sure of offering you the very best.

Above all else, we are concerned with getting the right kind of essence for the task at hand which we believe is the Golden Rule in essence therapy. This enables you, the person who takes the essence, to get the best possible outcome in terms of growth and transformation.

Enjoy your time with Advanced Alchemy. On behalf of all of us at Advanced Alchemy, I wish you the best of health and happiness.

Dr. Grant R Lambert BSc (Hons), PhD, Dip. Hom., Dip Clin. Nutr.  

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