different essence families


Tree Bark Essence

Falling Leaf Essence

Summer Leaf Essence

Root Essence

Great Trees of The World



 Tree Bark Essences


- Protect and establish boundaries

    - are energetically protective

     - useful for working on relationship issues




 Lambert Falling Leaf Essences

- Release and let go
   - allows one to surrender to the unknown
   - activates changes in one's life
   - cleanses & detoxifies



  Summer Leaf Essences


- For emotional strengthening

   - allows for an easier transistion through
      emotional intensities

   - for recovery from difficult life issues




 Root Essences


- Building firm foundations & deep   
   transformative power

 - getting to the core imbalance



 Great Trees of The World Essences


- Deep harmony & connection

  with Nature          

  - brings peace & endurance

  - helps one know their reality & dissolves illusions



Snow Modified Australian Flower Essence


Seed Essence


Gem Elixir


Agal Essence



 Snow-Modified Australian Flower Essences

- To gently re-balance chakras,

  meridians - your life 

   - for overall energy balancing

    - smooths the bumps during times of change



 Seed Essences


- To bring forth creative potential

   - creative expression on many different levels

   - helps germinate new & exciting ideas





 Gem Elixirs


- For grounding

   - helps people to be more real about life

   - assists mental focus




 Algal Essences


- Strength to revisit difficult
  situations and people
   - brings gifts of endurance, strength & the
     ability to prevail


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