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Quality Essences 
a new concept in vibrational essence therapy

The Advanced Alchemy Quality Essences represent a clear progression in the evolution of complex essences. Whereas most combinations of essences in times past were several essences from the same family such as three to six flower essences together, the Quality Essences contain essences from several different OriginalAA Essence Families as appropriate.

This means that the one Quality Essence can have the effect of releasing and letting go inherent in the OriginalAA Lambert Falling Leaf Essences, the emotional strength inherent in the OriginalAA Summer Leaf Essences, the depth of action inherent in the OriginalAA Root Essences and the balance and support inherent in the OriginalAA Snow-Modified Australian Flower Essences. Combination of essences from different essence families integrates the attributes or strengths of each family.

When you take a Quality Essence, the action of individual essences within the combination begins whenever appropriate. You may feel after taking the essence for a week or two that its action deepens as one or two more essences within the combination kick in and begin their action. This can bring not only a deeper, but also a more sustained, action of the complex essence.







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