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Are your essences biodynamic or at least organic?



Public awareness is gathering that food which is grown organically or bio-dynamically is better for our wellbeing than commercially grown food using fertilizers and sprays. We heartily agree with this conclusion and encourage you in the organic/biodynamic direction with food.


However, the classifications of organic and biodynamic really only apply to land used for agriculture. When we consider essences derived from trees, we realize that the vast majority grow in areas are not under agricultural production. Moreover, some of these trees have stood for decades and consequently it is not possible to certify an organic or biodynamic status. Likewise, with gem elixirs we cannot organically or bio-dynamically produce a gemstone.


We, therefore, believe the classifications of organic and biodynamic are  not applicable to essences. However, what we look for is quality in the overall health and vitality of the tree, flower,  gemstone... etc. This ensures that we bring to you the highest quality essences available.



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