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Can essences be used alongside other therapies?


One of the great strengths of essences is that they can be used alongside most if not all other therapies, whether physical, psychological, or prescriptive, in a complementary way. This is especially the case with our Advanced Alchemy essences, because we have New Essence Families each with particular areas of strength.

If for example, you are having counseling, and are feeling emotionally vulnerable at times, you might benefit from Support from our Quality Essence Range, or alternatively from the OriginalAA Snow-Modified Australian Flower Essences to keep your chakras or energy centres well-balanced. Another option is the OriginalAA Summer Leaf Essences for emotional strength.

 Some massage therapists add a few drops of our essences to their massage oils for a deep healing effect, according to the needs of their clients. Some doctors use pharmaceuticals to treat the physical symptoms and conditions of their patients, and use our essences to benefit the psychological and emotional state of their patients.

If in doubt, consult your relevant healthcare professional. Be aware that a minority of therapists do not like their clients taking essences or other treatments because it can make assessment of what their particular approach is doing more difficult. Others are quite happy!              

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The health and lifestyle information on this website should be considered as a general guideline only. It should not be relied on as a substitute for specific professional advice. Our essences are intended to facilitate your personal growth and emotional wellbeing. In the event of illness or persistent symptoms the advice of your health care professional should be sought.



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