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Can essences cause any side-effects?


Yes, far more than you would have ever thought possible, and this is the benefit of essences that sometimes they can produce a result in unexpected areas. It is possible for drugs, or even vitamins or herbs to produce side-effects, particularly in sensitive people. However, if we remember that essences are actually just subtle energies, without material form, then we realize that there is no material substance present to cause side-effects.

This is one of the great strengths of essence therapy, that toxicity, allergy and side-effects can't really occur. However, essences do produce change, and change can cause mental, emotional and physical adjustments that reflect as symptoms. So what appear to be side-effects actually are symptoms caused by the wheels of change in motion. A very small minority of people may be hypersensitive to the energies of essences themselves. A reduction in dosage is recommended here.     

See Using Essences Safely and Wisely.         

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