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How many essences can I take at the one time?


There is no hard and fast rule here, just apply common sense. Often, one essence is enough. The possible downside of taking two or more essences at once is that we can unknowingly over stimulate change in our systems. This can result, quite unnecessarily, in feeling overwhelmed emotionally, mentally, or with physical symptoms such as headaches from too much change too quickly. It depends, again, on which essences we are taking and why.

If, for example, one essence is designed to generate deep emotional release and we add a second essence which has a supportive, balancing or energizing action, the effect of taking the two essences can be better and easier than just taking the one! If, on the other hand, we add to the first essence a second essence which produces deep inner change, we can head in the direction of overwhelm and stress ourselves out unnecessarily. If in doubt, consult your essence practitioner, or contact us. 

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Using Essences Safetly and Wisely.

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