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Falling Leaf Essences            
 - Release and let go


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autumn leaves wellbeing essences by releasing and letting go


FLE 2 Linden Tilia x europea Emotional Tonic
FLE 3 Dove Tree Davidia involucrata - Coping with Loss
FLE 4 Turkey Oak  Quercus cerris - Clearing Self-blame and Rigidity
FLE 5 Weeping Willow  Salix babylonica - Inner Peace and Abundance
FLE 6 English Hawthorn  Crataegus laevigata  - Vibrant Self-confidence
FLE 7 Cherry Plum  Prunus cerasifera - Positive Self-Esteem 
FLE 8 Pin Oak
 Quercus palustris Resolves inner torture

FLE 9 White Ash Fraxinus americana Releases Deep Trauma
FLE 11 English Elm  Ulmus procera - Self-Acceptance 
FLE 12 Willow Pattern Tree Koelreuteria paniculata Overcoming Fear
FLE 13 Pink Horse Chestnut Aesculus x carnea Release Self-centredness
FLE 14 Apricot  Prunus armeniaca Release Anger
FLE 15 Domestic Fig  Ficus carica ‘White Adriatic Release Guilt
FLE 16 Oriental Plane Platanus orientalis Release Fear of Change
FLE 17 Weeping Katsura Tree Cercidiphyllum japonicum f. pendulum Love
FLE 18 Copper Beech Fagus sylvatica ‘Purpurea’ - Release Frustration and Hatred
FLE 19 Yellow Flowering Currant Ribes odoratum - Clearing Disabling Low Self-Esteem
FLE 22 Glory Vine Vitis coignetiaeRelease Mental Control
FLE 23 Black Pussy Willow Salix x reichardtii ‘Nigra’ Decisive Self-esteem
FLE 24 Sawtooth Oak Quercus acutissima Emotional Flow
FLE 26 Tulip Tree Liriodendron tulipifera - Release Blame
FLE 27 Persian Witch Hazel Parrotia persicaPlayfulness and Fun
FLE 28 Rowan Sorbus aucuparia - Strong Self-belief
FLE 31 Silver Birch Betula pendula Release Struggle
FLE 33 Japanese Dogwood Cornus kousa Release Terror
FLE 35 Thornless Scarlet Honey Locust Gleditsia triacanthos ‘Ruby Lace’ – Release Disappointment and Despair
FLE 37 Thornless Golden Honey Locust Gleditsia triacanthosSunburst’ Resolves Competitive Materialism
FLE 38 Red Crepe Myrtle Lagerstroemia indica ‘Rubra’ – Let Go of Control
FLE 39 Aspen Populus tremula – Release Rejection
FLE 40 Chinese Trumpet Vine Campsis grandiflora - Resolves Past Shock and Terror
FLE 41 Crepe Myrtle Lagerstroemia indica – Release Uncertainty
FLE 42 Red Maple Acer rubrum – Release Fear of Lack of Love
FLE 43 Chinese Elm Ulmus parvifolia – Release Self-hatred
FLE 44 Weeping Elm Ulmus glabra ‘Pendula’ – Release Emotional Turmoil
FLE 45 Port Wine Magnolia Michelia figo – Unblocks Childhood Memories
FLE 46 Linden Tilia cordata ‘Greenspire’ - Emotional Awareness
FLE 47 Purple Tulip Magnolia Magnolia liliflora ‘Nigra’ – Release Sexual Trauma
FLE 48 Davy Filbert Corylus avellana – Resolving Self-rejection


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