Snow-Modified Australian Flower Essences
 - To gently re-balance chakras,meridians - your life
  - for overall energy balancing 
 - smooths the bumps during times of change

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single snow flake





SFC 1 Base

-Balancing and stabilising the
 base chakra



SFC 3 Solar Plexus

-Balancing and stabilising the
 solar plexus chakra


SFC 5 Throat Chakra

-Balancing and stabilising the
 throat chakra


SFC 7 Crown Chakra

-Balancing and stabilising the
 crown chakra





SFC 2 Sacral Chakra

- Balancing and stabilising the
  sacral chakra



SFC 4 Heart

-Balancing and stabilising the
 heart chakra 


SFC 6 Brow

-Balancing and stabilising the
 brow chakra



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