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autumn leaves wellbeing essences by releasing and letting go

FLE 41 Crepe Myrtle

Release Uncertainty (corresponding to Bach Flower Remedy Vervain)

This Falling Leaf Essence releases feelings of lack of confidence, uncertainty, and low self-esteem. These can produce an inability to make decisions. Alternatively, the person can seek to mask these deeper feelings by taking on the outer persona of being a high achiever, dominating, opinionated and fanatical, overexerting to compensate for their deeper self-doubts. In either case, this essence grants a confidence in judgment and decision-making and a more relaxed and confident approach.

Period of action: ten days to nine weeks.

Relationship to the Bach Flower Remedy Vervain: Vervain assists the high achiever who is highly strung, argumentative, opinionated, strong-willed and habitually overworking. Falling leaf Crepe Myrtle goes deeper by clearing the underlying feelings of lack of confidence, uncertainty, and low self-esteem masked by the Vervain picture, which is apparently the opposite.

Size:  Available in 25ml, 50ml or 100ml bottles (select below)

Price: from $16.50   All prices in Australian $ (AUD) and include GST.
( approx. USD$14.50, Euro10.20, and GBP7.20  - Click here for Currency Conversion )

Dosage Guide:

Adult dosage Take 3 drops 3 times daily, orally or apply to wrist and gently massage.
(As a general rule, 25ml dosage bottle lasts 2 3 weeks 50ml dosage bottle duration 4 6 weeks - Child dosage Take 2 drops once daily)

NOTE: for countries outside Australia the GST component is rebated back into Cheaper postage prices.

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