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 Great Trees of the World Essences
Deep harmony & connection with Nature
- brings peace & endurance
- helps one know their reality & dissolves illusion  

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GT 2 Te Matua Ngahere “Father of the Forest” - Falling Leaf Essence

Resolving Illusions and Seeing Reality

(Acts at essence levels 7-10, see ‘Levels of Essence Action’)

Not far away from Tane Mahuta in Waipoua Forest, north island of New Zealand is Te Matua Ngahere, or "Father of the Forest."

Te Matua Ngahere has an enormous girth (59 feet) and is free of branches for 33 feet from the ground.

The Falling Leaf Essence of Te Matua Ngahere shows to us the mental illusions in our existence. It progressively reveals reality as it really is- with our rose-coloured glasses taken off.- with a gentleness, patience and grace.

Sometimes the rose-coloured glasses are there to prevent us from seeing ourselves as we really are, and our own deep need for inner change. Sometimes, we have refused to see others as they are really, perhaps because of our own need for friendship, or to protect ourselves from pain.

Te Matua Ngahere reminds us of the importance of seeing reality as it really is. Ngahere reminds us that putting on the rose-coloured glasses now to avoid present pain leads to more pain later. Te Matua Ngahere challenges us to be genuine, to see our lives and reality as it really is.

An affirmation to use with this essence


"I will show you illusion in your existence, progressively as you are able to understand and bear it. Although your illusions seek to protect yourself from pain, seeing reality as it really is grants you an extraordinary freedom."

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Dosage Guide:

Adult dosage – Take 3 drops 3 times daily, orally or apply to wrist and gently massage.
(As a general rule, 25ml dosage bottle lasts 2 – 3 weeks 50ml dosage bottle duration 4 – 6 weeks - Child dosage – Take 2 drops once daily)

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