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Deep harmony & connection with Nature
- brings peace & endurance
- helps one know their reality & dissolves illusion  

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GT 3 Tane Mahuta - Falling Leaf Essence

Sacred Sexuality

(Acts at essence levels 6-9, see ‘Levels of Essence Action’)

The Falling Leaf Essence of Tane Mahuta affords release of old sexual programming and patterns that aren’t appropriate any more. Deeply embedded in our collective consciousness are many old misplaced religious notions around sexuality. These old notions include enormous fear and guilt along with the idea that the body and its functions are evil, or at least inferior to more spiritual pursuits.

Many of these old notions lead to a separation of spirituality and sexuality. The Falling Leaf Essence of Tane Mahuta not only resolves this old programming, but further to this reveals its true jewel in the crown, the emergence of one’s own sexuality. The essence unites spirituality and sexuality in a profound and lasting way.

An affirmation to use with this essence:

"And so it is that I grant my seed to spawn new forests. In reproduction I truly know myself, and in that self-knowing is ecstasy and bliss. I will help you see that love and sexuality are doorways to greater self-knowledge, and greater integration of oneself.’

Size:  Available in 25ml, 50ml or 100ml bottles (select below)

Price: from $20   All prices in Australian $ (AUD) and include GST.
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Dosage Guide:

Adult dosage – Take 3 drops 3 times daily, orally or apply to wrist and gently massage.
(As a general rule, 25ml dosage bottle lasts 2 – 3 weeks 50ml dosage bottle duration 4 – 6 weeks - Child dosage – Take 2 drops once daily)

NOTE: for countries outside Australia the GST component is rebated back into Cheaper postage prices.

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